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We are unique because we are the only national company that specializes in construction clean up and what make us different from other companies is that  we have OSHA safety certified employees. We started Super Clean Job site 20 years ago and changed the name to Izsam two years ago because we couldn’t trade mark Super Clean. We started with a Super Target store and made so much money we realized that it is so much more profitable then a cleaning service.

We offer to the company or person that is taking over the building that we want to be their janitorial cleaning service and we get a lot of those nightly incomes. We provide services to the contractors as they award us on our bids and they give us a start date. No need to fear big job sites because you clean them in phases, not all at once. We are targeting all the U.S. and we have been advertising in Construction Magazines to keep our brand name Izsam clean before there eyes to get recognition. Construction is always going on. We went through the recession with no problems. People are always building and remodeling and the rich people are remodeling there homes or building new ones.

Ibisworld.com stated:
Cleaning services is a $51 Billion dollar industry in the U.S. and is forecast to rise over the next five years.

cleanlink.com stated:
Commercial building construction is expected to increase, especially institutional and manufacturing construction.

Our sales are year round. They build in the spring and fall and finish in the winter inside so there is always work. It slows down around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. But that is true of all service businesses. But we make enough to build up surplus in spring summer and fall to carry through that time. We look at yearly gross income and profit not by month.

Our customers are contractors of every size. We are doing work for a lot of national and international companies that have work and have offices all over the U.S.

Our competition is janitorial services that list construction cleaning way down the line from there major cleaning of offices and homes. They send out their employees to clean construction cleaning and they don’t know how to specifically clean new paint, drywall and other material on new windows, counters, appliances and they are not OSHA certified. Once we let the contractors know we are certified and specialize in construction cleaning and they see our results, it’s a slam dunk. They want us back for future job sites.


We price our jobs by bids and usually two ways. Either by the square foot or by time and material. We train in all aspects of bidding and we have you send the bids to the home office for approval before sending them to the contractor.

Sales method is to use our unique sales program that does some amazing things for the sales staff. The sales staff uses this to find 91% of all the construction jobs in any county, zip code or city limits. Without going into to much explanation, it keeps the salesperson busy calling on all the prospect for commercial or residential. Not to mention the actual Superintendents & Project Managers getting on their bid lists and becoming their go to construction cleaning company.

Advertising locally is not really advantages, due to the fact that contractors are not looking at TV or newspapers for cleaning companies. We recommend to the franchisees to send out post cards to the Project Managers and offices, getting on their bid lists for future bids and contracts. Along with this kind of advertising we recommend sending out emails to them as well. Our sales program has these names and emails.

Our stages of grow has been that for the first 14 years we did everything with a couple crews and kept it small. then 5 years ago we stopped doing sales ourselves and hired salesmen to help the company grow. We started to explode in size with 8 to 10 crews and 50 to 80 employees. We were asked by large national construction companies to go out of state to other cities and do cleaning for them. We did but it became difficult to maintain supervision so far away. So we decided to start franchising and we were encouraged by many construction companies to do this and it’s been very successful. We hired a professional franchise starting company to guide us on how to keep this professional and it’s working to our success and the success of our franchises.

Our strength is our guidance for our franchisees. Making sure they are trained properly and have the tools to get started with a 255 page manual and two weeks of training in all aspects of the successful model we have developed following Izsam’s standards. We go to the franchisees new area and we help them get started.

Over the years we have made all the mistakes a cleaning company can make so we don’t want any of our franchises to have those problems and if they follow our training and ask us for guidance when something comes up then they won’t have those difficulties.

Our plans for the future is to keep looking for ways to improve the model of success. We have added news technology this past year to help our sales and supervisors in the field. We will continue to look for new methods of improvement. We also want input from all our franchisees and if it’s a good idea or method, then we will implement it throughout the system.

We plan to put on 10 to 15 new franchises a year. To grow slowly so as to keep the family of franchisees happy and successful, which makes us successful. Are we a perfect company? NO! But we strive to keep improving and if the franchisees follow our model of success, then they will be happy providing for their families and they can grow to make some serious income.

If you grow the franchise to be big and making a huge profit, then you have the option to sell your franchise for several million. We would just want to make sure they would be a good fit for our national team of franchisees.

Basic Franchise Info

Average Investment: $80000 - $200000

Minimum Investment: $67775 - $90900

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Min. Liquidity: 100000

Years in Business: 1998

Open Units: 7

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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