I know how you feel!

My career was typical for a “baby boomer”, post WWII(the big one) child who grew up in a small town USA. Went to college on the GI bill (both my parents were vets) and worked PT jobs to help out. Since I was 1-A in the draft and The Vietnam War was happening¬† my value to companies was questionable but one took a chance!

I worked for 40 years (they must have lost my draft card) for the same company in many different jobs. Then I “retired” but still needed income to live plus staying home was not for me, my health is good and I enjoy working with people.

Backup 15 years before my “retirement”, I realized that I had a package of skill sets that could be used to run a successful business. I looked at a franchise, hair care, and went through a few steps to buy the brand for my area. It was a big step and I talked myself out of it, now there are 15 locations of the brand in my neighborhood (opportunity missed)!

Five years pre-“retirement” I looked at a franchise business consulting business, times were tough due to the recession and I talked myself out of the idea again! The brand is thriving and now better than ever.

Six months before my decision to leave my lifelong employer I came across another business consulting idea and pursued the concept. Becoming a franchise owner is the best thing I could have done. When I left my career job I went right to working from home with people who had the same ideas I did but are younger with more time to grow their business. They can use their skill sets acquired through working for an employer.

It is a big step and doing the research before spending any money is very important, let me help you through the process. My help is free, I will be paid by the franchise if you buy the business idea. The networks  I am a member of have access to more than 350 franchise brands. I will spend time helping you make an educated choice for business ownership.